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Welcome to Mother Earth Minerals

Mother Earth Minerals was founded over 10 years ago and we started producing high-quality absorbable mineral supplements that have brought health and wellness to thousands of individuals ever since.

Mother Earth Minerals offers truly unique and cutting edge nutritional supplements. We invite all to learn of the incredible, true story of our water soluble, magnetically-enhanced individual minerals from Boron to Zinc. As the Nobel Laureate, Linus Paulings said in summing up his life's work, "You can trace every sickness, every illness, and every condition to a mineral deficiency". We today echo his words of powerful wisdom, and declare to the world that we are proud to offer the original, angstrom sized, sublingually applied minerals that so many others have copied over the last 15 years.

In addition to our line of minerals, we offer a one of a kind range of products. Most of which, are developed and distributed exclusively through Mother Earth Minerals. These items range from high quality supplements to powerful health maintenance devices and many more in-between.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering superior quality products to create a healthier and happier way of life. Individual health is the responsibility of each person, and we strive to make achieving and maintaining that personal health efficient, cost effective, and convenient.

Unlock the wellness secrets for life with our down-to-earth and simple approach to supplements.

All our best,
Your Mother Earth Minerals Staff


Top selling products for the past 30 days

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Top selling products for the past 30 days

Best Seller

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Insomnia $119.95
Multiple Sclerosis $189.95
Diabetes - Hypoglycemia $174.95
Cancer $314.95
Herpes $79.98
Maxa-Min Combo Pack $79.95
Thyroidism - Hyper and Hypo $79.95
Telomere Repair & Protection $89.95
Macular Degeneration $239.95


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