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    Q: How many milligrams am I getting with the individual Mother Earth Minerals?
    Q: According to the Book, Wellness Secrets for Life, what is considered a ‘dropperful’?
    Q: Why Is Absorption so Important?
    Q: What are water-soluble Ionic liquid minerals?
    Q: What is the difference between colloidal minerals and Mother Earth Minerals?
    Q: What does Ionic really mean?
    Q: How much of each mineral should I take?
    Q: How long do I continue to take the minerals?
    Q: Can I give minerals to my pets?
    Q: I get plenty of vitamins, why do I need minerals also?
    Q: What is the challenge with pill/capsule mineral supplements?
    Q: How soon can I expect to see results from the products?
    Q: Do the minerals have to be refrigerated?
    Q: What else can I do to improve my health?
    Q: Why do we need mineral supplements?
    Q: What recommendations do you have for pregnant and lactating mothers?
    Q: Do the minerals have any negative interactions with any prescription medicines?
    Q: Is it possible to take too much of the minerals? Can they make you sick?
    Q: Can't I get all the nutrients I need if I eat healthy?
    Q: The Mother Earth Minerals 8oz bottles are plastic. Do plastic bottles leech chemicals into the product?
    Q: There is conflicting information out there about the use of Angstrom as a measurement. Do you just use the word angstrom as a way to convince people that the mineral particles are extremely small?


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Top selling products for the past 30 days

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