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The Mother Earth Minerals Affiliate Program is fully automated. The purchases are tracked through cookies and displayed in your affiliate page in real time. Payments are made monthly or when payment amount is met through check. The minimum payment amount is $250 (US) and if your balance is less than $250 the payment would hold until your balance reaches to that amount or applied to the purchase of products for personal use. Commissions must be utilized within one year, Mother Earth Minerals will not be responsible for any unused commissions. Commissions will not be given on orders placed by the Affiliate member utilizing their own link.

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Top selling products for the past 30 days

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Top selling products for the past 30 days

Best Seller

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Insomnia $119.95
Multiple Sclerosis $189.95
Diabetes - Hypoglycemia $174.95
Cancer $314.95
Herpes $79.98
Maxa-Min Combo Pack $79.95
Thyroidism - Hyper and Hypo $79.95
Telomere Repair & Protection $89.95
Macular Degeneration $239.95


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