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Selenium 8 OZ $19.20

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Product Details
Manufacturer: Mother Earth Minerals   MFG Num: 2Chr
Minerals : Chromium 2 OZ
  Also available in 8 oz. Usually ships within 24 hours.

Each unit cost $14.00

Units to order:

Element #24 on the Periodic Table, Chromium (Cr) is a steel-gray, lustrous metal in its pure elemental form. Chromium deficiencies result in low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), pre-diabetes, and of course diabetes itself. One university study clearly showed a 33% increase in the lifespan of laboratory animals when they were supplemented with Chromium. It takes a Chromium molecule to burn fat and properly metabolize caloric intake, and most people are highly deficient in Chromium. The body requires pure Chromium ions to create lean muscle, so if you wish to more efficiently build your body's muscle mass, it is vitally important to give your body pure elemental chromium molecules as you workout. Instead of resorting to the trap of steroid usage, elemental ionic chromium supplementation is much safer and is often every bit as effective. This supplement is pure elemental Chromium, not an inferior compound such as Chromium Picolinate.

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