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Cobalt 2 OZ$11.20
Cobalt 8 OZ$19.20
Germanium 2 OZ$11.20
Germanium 8 OZ$19.20
Iodine 2 OZ$11.20
Iodine 8 OZ$19.20
Manganese 2 OZ$11.20
Manganese 8 OZ$19.20
Platinum 2 OZ$11.20
Platinum 8 OZ$19.20

Insomnia $119.95
Multiple Sclerosis $189.95
Diabetes - Hypoglycemia $174.95
Cancer $314.95
Herpes $79.98
Maxa-Min Combo Pack $79.95
Thyroidism - Hyper and Hypo $79.95
Telomere Repair & Protection $89.95
Macular Degeneration $239.95

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  Germanium 8 OZ

Original Price: $24.00
Sale Price: $19.20

Element #32 on the Periodic Table, Germanium (Ge) is a grayish-white, lustrous, brittle metalloid. A poor conductor of electrical currents, nevertheless Germanium ions have the ability to absorb and neutralize potentially harmful infrared radiation on the cellular level. Germanium is still being researched in nutritional labs for all of its possible health benefits. It has been found that Germanium raises the level of activity of the body's organs because it helps specific organ cells to more efficiently utilize oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Germanium is primarily nature's electrical "semi-conductor," as it has been found to help correct cellular distortions between the nucleus and the cell walls. In new studies, Germanium is proving valuable in relieving neurosis and cardiac arrhythmia.

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